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This web site has my ancestry, family and some of my previous work history and pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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I have 71 or so, surnames dating back as far as the 1600's.   Click here for a Adobe Acrobat document (4.3 meg) that contains most of the information. The information is from family and research on the internet and letters to Germany churches. Hopefully most of it is accurate, as accurate as can be. 

Here are 15 of my 16 grandparents grandparents. 

With the exception of George Kamphaus and Catherine Huinker, all of my great, great grandparents immigrated to America. See the immigration list.

Three generations before have been married at the St. Francis Church in Canute, Oklahoma.

  1. Eldon Joseph Hoffman and Norma Dean Stamm (my parents) on January 7, 1954 by Fr. Fulton.
  2. Joseph George Hoffman and Evangeline Marie Schones on November 15, 1932 by Fr, M. O. Dennis.
  3. William Joseph Schones and Doratha Henerietta Kamphaus on November 26, 1912 by Fr. Alfonso Henerathals.



At the end of the Middle Ages, the population grew and everyone was required to take on a surname. Many people chose their profession such as "Smith", "Miller", etc. But also where they lived such as Hamburger, Wiener. Or just Johnson = John's son etc.

Hoffman is a German compound noun. Hof = large farming estate. Mann = man. A man who leased and worked such property. The Hoffman name is very common and that makes it difficult to research. There must have been a lot of German farmers.

Ancestry (Abstammung / Genealogie)

Virtually all of my great, great grandparents  came over from Prussia or Germany in the 19th century. Somehow they all found their way to Iowa (Willey, Carroll, St. Lucas, Festina, Guttenberg, New Vienna, Dedham).  And in the same generation or next ended up in Oklahoma. 

The Old Country
Going To America
Ports of Entry
A New Life
Putting Down Roots

Table of Oldest Generations Found by Surname

These tables are good place to start. They are surnames in alphabetical order, with the links to the oldest generations from my dad's (vater) and mom's (mutter) lineage or see the trees below.

Family Trees

Please contact me if you have any information I can add to these families or have questions or comments.  

Dad's Tree (Vater Stammbaum) - Hoffman

Surnames (vater familienname) from my dad's side are Austgen, Billen, Boessler, Busen, Eschs, Ellert, Evers, Flies, Haupert, Hoffman, Huinker Huning, Kamphaus, Krausman, Laparl Lepreall Laparl Lepreall, Marx, Mayer, Oestricker, Peters, Poesl, Schones Schons, Tenbroyell, Terhurne, Thommes, Valentine, Wenning and Zimmerman.

Mom's Tree (Mutter Stammbaum)  -Stamm

Surnames (mutter familienname) from my mom's side are Alberding, Albers, Beckman, Borneman, Brando, Demper, Droppelmann, Fischer(ing), Fricken, Fuhnen, Glardi, Grete, Greteman, Grewen, Grunders, Honnerlagengrete, Hocken Hacke, Happen, Hecker, Johann-in-Lau,  Klasner Clusterer, Knapp, Lampe, Lubbeken, Magerkohl, Menne, Meuser, Middendorf, Nolde, Osterman, Peterson, Pilger, Rechtin, Rectin, Rehkamp, Rekamp, Rempen, Risse, Schaap, Schumacher Schomaker, Simons, Stam, Stamm, Stegmann, Twisten, Uffelman, Uphaus, Weber, Weggen, Wellig, Wichardt, Wilbers and Wilmes.

Immigration List

This is a list of family that immigrated to the United States.

Meaning of Names


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